Solutions for the analysis of cohort data

Biostatistical solutions for health data analysis: cohorts, registries

Plug-Stat, the digital assistant for your biostatistical analyses

Thanks to our Plug-Stat software, you will be able to carry out your biostatistical analyses with interactive windows allowing you to select your adjustment variables, verify model assumptions or modify the formatting of results.

Our services in biostatistics

A personalizable statistical software for the analysis of the data of your cohort or health database. It allows to simply use the most adapted methods to your cohort, to reduce the time necessary for each analysis, and to improve quality by avoiding errors.

Support to use Plug-Stat

Our specialty: studies based on observational cohorts. Based on our research activities, we propose methods that respond to the new expectations in clinical research.

The biostatistical analyses
Tutorials in biostatistics

Our research and teaching activities allow us to well-know both the classical and the more modern methods used in research. We proposed different tutorials on specific methodological points.

The partner cohorts

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Le laboratoire SPHERE (methodS for Patients-centered outcomes and HEalth REsearch, INSERM UMR 1246, Université de NantesUniversité de Tours) et la société IDBC (groupe A2com) ont décidé de créer ensemble le Laboratoire Commun RISCA (Research in Informatics and Statistics for Cohort-based Analyses)