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A statistical software personalized for your cohort

Plug-Stat, the complete assistant for your health data analyses

In this video, we demonstrate the usefulness of Plug-Stat® to quickly perform an epidemiological study.

We show how we conducted the statistical analysis of a study published in NDT aimed at evaluate the causal effect of pre-emptive deceased-donor kidney transplantations on graft outcomes.

Benefits of Plug-Stat

Data Security

The security of your data is essential. The A2COM GROUP is accredited Health Data Host by the Ministry of Health and ensures compliance with the regulations.


Inspired by artificial intelligence, the application will itself choose statistical models and guide you to the best methodology.

Customization of the software

We adapt Plug-Stat to your data so that it fully meets your needs and contains only the essentials.

Time Saving

Ergonomics is at the heart of Plug-Stat, you will carry out your analyses in a few clicks and without typing any line of code.


With the possibility to freeze your database at will, Plug-Stat guarantees that you can redo your analysis in the same way.


With the ability to export your results reports in word format, you will gain valuable time.

Take your first steps on Plug-Stat


Discover our biostatistical study assistant by asking for a demonstration.

You will accompanied by our team of doctors of biostatistics specialised in the field of non-intervention research.

We will guide you through all the features of Plug-Stat.

They trust our project

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